Around the same time as James McQuivey et al. of Forrester Research published their report "How Video Will Take Over The World," Dr. David Langer was already well on his way to making this prediction come true.

For many years, Dr. David Langer, Chairman of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, and his team of neurosurgeons, nurses and other caregivers have been using screen-capture video and audio in the hospital to better communicate with patients about their diagnosis, treatment and hospital discharge instructions. It has revolutionized the way his department cares for patients and, in turn, has helped patients take better care of themselves. Early in his work, Dr. Langer recognized that patients retained little of what was discussed in office consultations and often were unable to communicate their diagnosis and treatment to others. Similarly, when patients left the hospital after surgery, the stack of paper documentation and instructions they were given regarding wound care, medications and therapy was often not read, poorly understood and frequently misplaced. The result was patient misinformation, frustration and a lot of office phone calls.

Since Dr. Langer produced his first Apple “QuickTime” video in 2008, Neurosurgery has gone on to produce thousands more, sharing them with patients, caregivers and administrators via a link to a website or mobile device. The videos have shown to boost patient engagement and serve as useful educational tools in the hospital. Dr. Langer’s team has received a number of awards, including Honorable Mention for “Most Innovative” Patient Education Submission in the nationwide Box and Dignity Health Challenge (2014) and the President’s Award from North Shore-LIJ Health System (2015). Neurosurgery’s use of video technology has been showcased by NY1 (2015), CBS News (2016) and at healthcare conferences across the country.

Playback’s technology was proven to deliver meaningful results!

In prospective and retrospective studies of in- and out-patient experiences, use of the technology was determined to be highly effective in increasing HCAHPs and Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores which are important determinants of payer reimbursements, doctor pay and hospital star ratings. For two of the survey categories—patient-doctor communication and patient hospital recommendation—satisfaction scores from patients exposed to our platform technology ranked in the 90th percentile versus other hospitals nationally, a significant improvement from the 50-75th percentile rankings recorded from patients who received the usual standard of care.

Playback’s next-generation video-sharing technology will be beta-tested in the Department of Neurosurgery and later rolled out to other hospital departments in the Northwell Health system. The new technology will allow practitioners to create, store and share highly personalized and curated video, audio and digital documents to inform and educate patients about their diagnosis, treatment and discharge. The technology will deliver digital content via a web and mobile apps to be easily and securely shared with family, friends or other caregivers. For providers, Playback offers a customizable user interface to create unique branding, identify the patient care team and offer reliable “click to call” communication.

In short, we are delivering proven technology in an effective, mobile Patient-centric Engagement Solution!